The DO’s and DONT’s of Window Coverings


Windows coverings come in many different kinds of options and it may seem to be startling at first because there are so many terminology and terms that might seem foreign to most people. To not end up having an imbalanced or bad looking window covering, here are some tips that will guide you to the practices in the market –



  • Make sure your curtains are long enough

This is one of the most common aspects which gets missed out. Insufficient length of curtains hamper the design pattern and makes the windows feel inadequate. To avoid this imbalance, make sure curtains are of sufficient height and they touch the ground or at the least, get very near to it.

  • Choose the right fabric

Always opt for high quality fabrics because they’ll sustain and you’ll be benefited in the long run. A low quality fabric may wear off and spoil the polished impression of the whole window setup and decoration. Choosing colour and fabric from a swatch often doesn’t give the proper impression of the final output, so be mindful about this.

  • Iron

Just like your office attires, your home needs to look top class. It boosts confidence and guests will like it as well, not to mention the good feeling it’ll give to the family members. No one likes creases, it just doesn’t go.

  • Research

Perhaps the most important point. There are a lot of varieties available for colour, fabric, style, design, size, shapes and themes. Window coverings compliment the wall, furniture, window framing and the overall look of the home. Be sure to research all options before narrowing down on your favourite options and finally choosing one.

  • Go slow if needed

Coverings made from high quality fabric and high standard are expensive. Buying coverings for all the rooms at once may not fit your budget and it’s absolutely fine. Take it room by room, starting with the room you’ll spend most time in and go slow if needed but it is recommended to buy good quality coverings.

  • Get the breadth

Coverings need to take more space than the window, almost like 2-2.5 times the width. This way, it can cover the extra light from the corners and most importantly, give a full, wide and complete look.

  • Height

Do not hang the coverings too high above the top window rail or too low. Maintain balance by keeping them level.


  • Block natural light

Natural light is the best thing you get during daytime and make sure it doesn’t get blocked off by wrongly placed coverings.

  • Same coverings for whole house is not necessary

If you plan for uniformity for your whole house, then it’s fine. Other than that, it’s not necessary to use the same covering everywhere. Different rooms have different functions and time spent there also varies so you may choose according to the mood and need of the individual rooms.

  • Hamper the overall look

Experimenting with design is not something you would want with window coverings because there needs to be a balance for the overall look and feel. Although it is not necessary to use the same covering everywhere, but the synchronicity between the individual room coverings needs to be carefully maintained.

  • Forget to measure perfectly

Because Measurement is everything. If needed, measure multiple times just to be sure but any mistake made during measuring will lead to out of balance coverings and all that expense may be for nothing if it fails to fit the frame, block the light and catches the eye.

  • Buy cheap hardware

To place your coverings and keep them in place for longer periods of time, you need to invest in high quality hardware and there is no compromising in this. Because, cheaper hardware will start to give problem soon and you’ll need to purchase again. Save yourself from this hassle.

  • Hesitate to hire a professional

There’s nothing to hesitate or double think when it comes to hiring a professional. They are experts and they’ll be able to work faster and with more efficiency. You’ll be amazed how much change a professional can bring to your home and you will not regret.

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