The Best Window Coverings for Your Child’s Bedroom


Children are playful and curious, therefore there safety should be of paramount concern for all. Keeping that in mind, only the cordless and external part less window covering options are suitable. There are a lot of manufacturers in the market who make child-safe products and also window coverings. Most of them go through meticulous testing before coming to the market for being sold, so it is safe and reliable. Here are some of the options in the market, discussed briefly to help you choose. All of these are safe, it just comes down to your personal preference on what fits you best.


Shutters will full height are a simple yet effective solution. There available in several materials including wood (aka timber), aluminium, PVC and plastic. They add to the beauty of the room and works great while showing their wonderful look. Wood made shutters work best with wood surrounding design theme around the whole house. The reason for mentioning full height shutters is that it offers safety. It doesn’t have any cords or loose ends or strings and young children can’t get tangled or choked. Alongside providing the safest option for kids’ bedrooms, this allows controlling the light and privacy easily.


Roman Shades

The second best option for children’s bedroom is roman shades. They are excellent top-down style of window covering. They do not have any cords on the front, but there are cords on the back side for lowering and raising. Even so, these cords are short and closely attached with the body of the shades as a result it’s not possible to form a loop. That’s why this is safe and sound for children and provide an excellent covering at the same time.


Honeycomb or cellular Shades

The specialty of honeycomb shades comes from the fact that the shades are made of fabric and that too in multiple gathered layers. There are cords but they are hidden in the layers between. That’s why this is safe for children of all ages. A variant of honeycomb shades are cellular shades which come in two options of top-down or bottom-up. Both of these provide a nice touch to the interior, allowing sufficient light to pass through while maintaining privacy. Cellular shades have a nice feature which allows to adjust only the bottom or top part whilst keeping the other part stable. That’s why cellular shades are a good


Roller Shades

The perfect solution for kid’s room is this. The name comes from the rolling option it provides through the rolling mechanism on top. There are no cords and that’s why this is ideal as there is no scope of tangling.


Basic tips

Although technology has allowed advanced ways of ensuring room elements to protect our children, the primary responsibility is on the parents to look after children while at home. A basic idea is to place the sofa or other high reachable furniture away from the window and other risky things. Long curtains should not be used in children’s room but for the other rooms, if there is long curtains it needs to be firmly attached so that it doesn’t come off easily if the child hangs on it to avoid getting tangled.

All above mentioned options work great for children’s room window covering. Choose what fits you best and hopefully it will be a fine combination of safety and splendour.

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