The Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Shutters


Now a days the market is full of different options for shutters. There are internal and external shutters and other categories they vary in are size, shape, colour, type, material, hardware etc. All of these factors may seem overwhelming altogether so let’s have a look at the basic and important questions to narrow down the options to make the decision making easy.


Interior or exterior shutters?

Number 1 question. While mostly interior shutters are preferred and bought, many people opt for exterior shutters and remote controlled or mechanical shutters for ease of use. This has its own appeal to a portion of customers. External shutters look great from both inside and outside and there remains no high bevel on the inside, making a smooth wall-to-window setting.

How many rooms need shutters?

Do you really need shutters for all doors and windows? Most probably not, because not all rooms serve the same purpose and that’s why it is important to choose which ones need it.

Do I have the perfect measurements for all required shutters?

Measurement is the most important part of shutters and window coverings. Any wrong measurement will result in disappointment. That’s why measure and remeasure the doors and windows before going for purchasing.

What type of material do I want?

There are variations of vinyl, wooden and aluminium shutters. They vary in price and functionality. Wooden ones are more expensive but durable and do not conduct much heat. Aluminium shutters conduct heat and dissipate it in the surrounding, but are cheap. Vinyls provide a good balance, research the market for choosing your best option.

Will the shutters match my home’s overall style theme?

When you’re thinking to choose between shutters, you are undergoing home interior development and decoration and there is a plan in your head. There is an overall theme or design in mind which is expressed through your interior step by step. It is necessary to understand and visualise how the overall look of the home will become and what types of shutters are required for it.

Vertical or horizontal?

The orientation of blinds and shutters create an impact on the viewer’s minds and enhance the interior beauty of the room. Make sure to consider this point.

What kind of finish and what colour would I like my shutters to be?

There are wood, white, shiny, natural, staining, and other finishes for shutters and depending on the overall design theme, this has to be selected. Same goes for colour, it can completely change the look of the home and needs to be carefully selected.


Shutters and blinds are investments that go a long way. If possible, it is recommended to spend more money because it will be worth by every penny. Wooden and natural looking shutters, and remote controlled shutters are more expensive while normal, vinyl and aluminium shutters cost less. Find that sweet spot between your budget and requirement and go for it.

These are the basic questions which will help to outline the requirements for your home and shutter needs. By combining the outcomes from this requirement check and the available options in the market, you’ll get your desired product and don’t hesitate to consult with a professional service provider.

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