Maximise the Warmth of the Winter Sun With Blinds


Although winters are considered rather mild in South-East Queensland, it still does get cold here. Therefore, maintaining warmth in your home and maximising the longevity of that warm air is important. Blinds can help you achieve this.


Here’s how.

Window Coverings Act as Insulation

If windows in the home are left bare with no coverings whatsoever, there is nothing to insulate them. Cold air can get in and the warm air that is trapped inside the home will rapidly chill as it comes into contact with the cold window glass and frame.

Not only do you lose the warmth in your home, but if you are heating your home with a heater or central heating, your power bills will soar. While window coverings are not the be all and end all to keeping your home warm in winter, they certainly do help, and quality blinds do a fantastic job of insulating your windows.

You are literally throwing money out the window if you don’t have them fitted with quality blinds.

We are all aware that having insulation in our ceilings is important, both to keep the heat of summer at bay, and to trap warmth inside the home when we heat it in winter. But how many of us actually think about how insulating our windows can also help achieve the same result?

Blinds are both beautiful and functional in many ways, but it’s just as important to remember how they can really aid in climate control for home interiors, as well as saving you money on those dreaded electricity bills.

Imperial In House In Brisbane

We are your local #1 blinds experts and we understand all the great benefits of fitting quality blinds in your home or commercial premises. We stock a whole range of quality blinds which include the following:

  • Roller blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Panel Glides
  • Aluminium venetian blinds
  • Timber venetians
  • Plantation shutter
  • Roman blind
  • Ready Made Blinds

We also specialise in custom made blinds, manufactured to your specifications in your choice of material and colour. No job is too big or too small for Imperial In House and we are always happy to take any call to discuss a project.

Keep your home warm in winter. Order quality blinds from Imperial In House and truly enjoy the comfort of your home.

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