Top 5 Tips When Choosing Blinds or Shutter for Your Home


Talk about style with a purpose, windows blinds is the quintessential element of any home. It gives you privacy and lets you control the amount of light you want to let in, keeps the room temperature well balanced as well as enhance the appearance of your room. You want to make sure you fulfil all the sides to it. In order to get a perfect balance between style and usability, here are 5 tips when choosing window blinds or shutters for your home –


  1. Think about the room they’ll be used for

This goes without saying that the choice will vary depending on the type of room and the main purpose of the room. Kitchens need less privacy and the scope for letting more light in for creating a better working environment as the time spent here is more than any other room. Bed rooms on the other hand are places where maximum privacy has to be ensured although lesser time is spent there. For the living room, fancy and décor matching blinds are needed because guests will visit this room most and a good appearance needs to be maintained. Rooms intended for other activities like photo shooting, painting, or entertainment require a good amount of light to come in. This is how the room type and purpose affects the blinds selection.

  1. Syncing with home decoration

To many people this point may seem pointless but truth is, the impression of your home is very important. Not only for guests and visitors but also for the family members living in that room. A well-groomed, good looking and design synced home increases confidence and boosts family bonding because it affects the human mind. When a home decoration is selected, it consists of all the components from the doors, windows, floor, furniture, lamps, lighting, and rugs to every single thing that is put in the room. It is a common practice to comply with the design and complete the selected decoration for your home and the rooms inside. That’s why, choosing blinds as a part of that overall decoration and syncing it accordingly is important.

  1. Material

There are many types of materials to choose the blinds from and it mainly depends on which room it will be used in and how susceptible it is to water, fire, pressure and other types of contact that may damage it. Blinds for kitchens will get a lot of hot and greasy air from the cooking food and create a sticky layer on top while the bathroom blinds will get moist and wet continuously. Vinyl blinds go well in these situations because they are easier to clean and are durable. For living rooms where less external touch is likely to occur, aluminium blinds can be used and another luxurious option to enhance the look and feel of your home is by using wooden blinds. Wooden blinds immediately stand out and make a clear statement of elegance and poshness. If wooden blinds is not feasible financially, then imitation wooden blinds are a viable alternative. Fabric blinds are also there for a more artistic touch.

  1. Mechanical or manual

Mechanical or automated blinds are controlled by remote and switches. They are commonplace in offices for convenience and style. This might be a bit more expensive to use at all windows of home but it does feel good and the comfort is there, some options allow you to control blinds even when you are taking rest on your bed. On the other hand, manual and hand-operated blinds are commonly used in homes and offices alike. There are cordless and corded versions to this. Corded blinds are prone to accidents if there are pets and kids in home. These factors should be taken into consideration before choosing blinds.

  1. Budget

Perhaps, this is the single most important factor which determines affordability and outlines the options which can be bought. Take into account the number of rooms in your home, along with the number of windows and also don’t forget the different types of blinds based on room type. It usually costs more for the living room as the blinds there are usually chosen to be luxurious and made of good material. There are many different types of materials that dictate the price as well. Wooden and decorative blinds require more budget and regular coloured and material made blinds cost the average amount. Therefore, take count of all the windows and rooms and then settle your budget in a balanced way to maintain style and affordability.

These are the five most important factors when it comes to choosing blinds, but there are other factors as well. It’s best to consult with the family members and also have a look at the market and choose blinds from a reliable and experienced company.

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