What Colours Work Best for Blinds and Curtains


Colour schemes are important for a number of reasons. The obvious one is whether the colours in the scheme all blend and compliment each other, or whether they clash. The other thing to take into consideration is the mood of the room. What tone and ambience do you want the room to have? What do you want to feel when you enter the room and spend time there?


This will largely depend on individual tastes just as much as on what function the room performs. Colours that may go quite nicely in an entertainment room may not be quite so conducive to a bedroom environment and vice versa.

As blinds and curtains actually consume quite a lot of wall space, the colours you choose are just as important as the paint colour for the walls or the tile colour for the floor.

Rooms will often dictate how light or dark the colours of the blinds will be. For example, darker colours in heavier, thicker materials might be ideal for a bedroom environment to block out the light. The darker the room, the better we tend to sleep.

When it comes to the kitchen or bathroom, lighter colour blinds or curtains made of materials that let in a little more light are generally more ideal.

Living areas could go either way – colours in darker hues for more privacy or to block out daylight when watching movies, or lighter shades to brighten the living space up and impart a more optimistic vibe.

Entertainment areas and rumpus rooms tend to beg for brighter, more vibrant colours when it comes to blinds and furnishings, as these fun colours create the ambience of a good time and even a party vibe.

At the end of the day the colours your decide on for your blinds will be those that match your room’s decor and colour scheme, the mood you wish to create for the room in question and, ultimately your own personal tastes and style. While there are guidelines to follow, there really are no hard and fast rules.

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  • Roller blinds
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  • Panel Glides
  • Aluminium venetian blinds
  • Timber venetians
  • Plantation shutters
  • Roman blinds

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