3 Tips to Choose the Right Flooring Colour


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  1. Sync with your mood

Light colour tones convey a more open-mindedness, open space, to be complimented by minimalistic furniture. It is clean, youthful and casual. Light colours create an impression of smaller rooms being big. For a more modern, contemporary, soulful and easy breathing ambience, lighter colours are suitable and with some paintings, warm toned furniture and artwork, the room will feel complete.

Medium tones are dynamic. By Settling between light and dark tones, it has properties of both the tones and is a versatile option. It has that special earthy feeling, and can be mixed well with other colours. Though there are more colour options to choose from, too many shade contrasts may disrupt the composition of the room and therefore any one of the sides should be emphasized.

Dark tones are expressive. They bring out the attention to the lighter elements in the room. Depending on the backdrop frame and surrounding, a dark toned floor puts everything into perspective and the walls and furniture are more emphasized in terms of focus and balance. Normally, the darker tones in floors are contrasted with other room elements.

Therefore, consider choosing a tone or colour that speaks about you. Take into account your hobbies and how you want to spend your time in the room.

  1. Mind the room size

Colour of a room has significant impact on a person’s feeling and the total space of the room. It can appear smaller or larger based on colour. Dark colours like dark chocolate, walnut, oak, and wenge seem to give rooms a small, warm and cosy feeling of compactness. On the other hand, lighter colours make a room feel big and wide. For confined and cramped up rooms, a lighter colour like light oak, beige, and maple will open up more space.

  1. Lighting is vital

Your room will not be getting sunlight all day and the floors will reflect off any light, both daylight and artificial light. So, a balanced colour should be chosen by balancing it out with objects, furniture and other elements in the room. Try to visualise the colour in both daylight, midday light and artificial light. They will give different impressions based on the availability of the colour. For a room with more the scope of more natural light to come in, a shade of dark colour can be chosen to create an accent, with the other colours of the room elements. Generally, white or any other light colour shade will make the room brighter and spacious.

On a broader note, these points have been explained. Of course, each of these points have many underlying factors influencing the output. This is a basic outline for choosing floor colour. However, sometimes breaking the rules and coming out of the box makes some unique and stunning room appearance, so don’t be afraid to experiment and make the best out of your room.

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