How to Brighten a Dark Room


Dark rooms have their place for some purposes like photographic film developing, and some other types of work. Other than that, most people want to keep their room bright and well-lit with lots of natural light coming in. No wonder this light escalates that good feeling within us and uplifts the mood. It’s also very important to have more light entering rooms because it promotes good health and hygiene. So, no more dark rooms and here are some ways to brighten up your space –


Hang more mirrors

It may sound a bit odd at first but this is a very effective trick. By adding more mirrors, the reflective surfaces within the room get doubled and double the light rays are reflected throughout the room. This makes for a well-lit room in a neat and smart way. The best place to hand a mirror is opposite to the main window, from where most of the light rays come through. For living rooms, medium to big sized mirrors work well. They give you more light, improve the home décor as well as offer you to check yourself in the mirror in the process. For other places like the staircase or hallway, multiple small mirrors can be used and placed carefully to serve both purposes of lighting up and enhancing look.

More matte, less glossy

Don’t cringe; there is a strong reason why a matte surface is better than a glossy one. Glossy surfaces create light glares that may cause retinal fatigue when you stare at them while moving inside your room. Matte surfaces on the other hand, do not cause glare but reflect the light softly and nicely. That’s why, you should opt for more matte surfaces like walls and floors.

Clean windows

This should go without saying but dirty windows and window glasses that are covered in dirt, grime and smudge do no good by any means. They make your home look bad, may contain germs and they block the light from coming through. It may not be apparently seen from far but it’s always a better practice to keep your windows clean and clear.

Wall colour

Now this particular point is a very important and very effective one. Wall colours constitutes the maximum surface area of your room and whichever colour you choose will determine how much light will be reflected throughout your room. Since light rays are well reflected off lighter shades and colours, it is recommended to use white, off-white, light blue or any other light shade that reflects a lot of light but is also comfortable for your eyes. The ceiling however, should always be a shade lighter than the walls to perfectly balance out the overall setting. Dark colours may be chosen for furniture and other objects within the room to accentuate the contrast but other than that, stick to light colours for room walls.

No curtains, only blinds and shutters

Curtains are fabric layers which absorb a lot of light and disrupt the entrance of light in your room. They are also heavy and weighty. Go for a more light weight and efficient solution like blinds, shades and shutters. Unlike curtains, they can be easily moved, have a light weight, the feel is softer and calmer, and they are easier to clean and maintain. Blinds and shades are easy to control and you can decide how much light you want to bring inside your room. Blinds and shutters come in both horizontal and vertical stripes allowing you to match with your room décor. Roman shades are a great way to balance between privacy, style and purpose.

Less furniture

If possible, cut out excessive furniture from your room and give it a minimalistic look. This will allow more light to travel through the room and reflect on various surfaces. Of the furniture you plan to keep, choose lighter shades and sleeker looks like a slim body, bezel edges, thin legs, and lightweight. This will prevent the room from becoming dark and make it stunning.

Glass doors may replace solid doors

This works best during winter and for places which remain mostly cold throughout the year. To let more light in and warm up your room, glass doors can be used in place of solid wooden doors. The sunlight will come through to your room and bounce off the floor and also warm up the inside beautifully. There can be a variety of options, having a glass door which is completely made of glass with only thin borders of aluminium or other variants of different materials. There can also be a wood framed door with glass portions in the middle or like a quadrant shaped glass binding in a wooden frame designed gracefully as a door. All these options work fine to brighten up your room.

A combination of these tips is sure to brighten up your room. Be sure to be mindful of your privacy as well. A well planned, visualized and executed modification will go a long way. Needless to say, more light and bright settings will keep you up and running in good health and hygiene.

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